KAHEMI is a Swedish...

...Human Resource Management company with Scandinavia as it´s primary field of work. KAHEMI is headed by CEO Kalle Nyhlén, Henrik Segerlund and Michael Högberg, but has a wide network of experienced and competent subcontractors and partners.

Common to all within KAHEMI is good knowledge of communication and work management, as well as a conviction that a good working environment creates good results.

KAHEMI works primarily with high-quality leadership and group development as well as conflict management. We also provide our lectures, coaching and workshops in English.

The unique with KAHEMI is, in addition to its experienced employees, the way in which classical business management theories are combined with well-founded psychological theory such as CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy), TA (Transactional Analysis) and SDT (Self-determination theory), in order to provide the best and most long-lasting results.

In addition, theories are not just presented but presented in a useful way for all workgroups, with the aim to change the way every single employee communicates, hopefully from now on in a conscious way.

 SDT claims that people are motivated to grow and change by the fulfillment of innate psychological needs. SDT identifies three key psychological needs that are believed to be both innate and universal:

~ The need for competence (gaining mastery of tasks and learning different skills)

~ The need for connectedness (social context: needing to experience a sense of belonging and attachment to others within the same environment)

~ The need for autonomy (feeling in control of one’s own behaviors and goals)

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KAHEMI representative in London - André Rigedahl.

KAHEMI is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden